Old towns, new results

The main aim of the project was encouraging active citizenship at EU level, through actions that lighted up the advantages of civic and democratic participation.


The specific objectives of the project were:

1. Challenge Euroscepticism among 10000 EU citizens during the project;
2. Raise awareness regarding EU decision making process, among 10000 EU citizens, during the project;
3. Fostering opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement among 10000 EU citizens during the project;
4. Setting up a sustainable cooperation network in which the 7 partners work in a common long-term perspective, share ideas, exchange experiences and good practices, during the project.

The project consists in 7 events, each one organized in different locations. Each event will have its dedicated theme, bottom-up approached. In parallel, one online application will be launched. This application it will be more like a game, for EU citizens. The “players” will find out information about EU institutions and decision making process, but also they will have the opportunity to share their ideas through surveys. One database will be made and conclusions will be shaped.
The activities foreseen are different: conferences, seminars, awareness campaign, research, debates, workshops. The themes approached during the events are: Euroscepticism, Future of Europe, decision making process at EU level, democracy, European Parliament elections and challenges faced by small/rural communities. Each event will have local actors involved.
The involved countries are: Romania, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Malta, Spain and Portugal. Each event will have from 60 to 80 participants.
During the activities, it will be pursued to citizens to improve critical thinking skills, and encourage both volunteering and active citizenship.
Throughout the project partners and participants make sure of a communication plan that uses media, participating in e-channels, and also materials about the project will be done.